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Szeged University SZTE has been educating in the field of health and sports since childhood

Maintaining health and sport are important components of Szeged University’s triple mission – education, research and healing. For decades, SZTE Gymnasium and Primary School has placed great emphasis on keeping its students in good shape not only mentally but also physically. Compulsory ski camp for 10th graders, unique in the country.

Recently, the Sá-Ra Cup was held, a sports competition that dates back several decades, combining their knowledge in different sports. There was a year in the history of the competition in which five secondary schools in Szeged participated. This year he was among the participants whose parents have already taken part in this very prestigious event.

However, the Sá-Ra Cup is only one aspect of a physical education program through which the university’s practice school teachers educate students for healthy living, and a love of sports.

– I would like to highlight three things, in addition to the fact that 90% of the students who come to us also participate in regular physical activity outside of school, which shows that they also have a very good background and foundation in terms of physical culture. In our school students can learn about all forms of movement defined in the core curriculum, we also have majors. Athletics within that running For example, you get a prominent role at one of our major sporting events when 5-12. Each trainee will run the 2,000m on time on a predetermined Saturday. This event is treated as an educational day. other sports Basketball, which are recognized by primary school students under the “Seedling Program” and who have talent and perseverance, can also join the Naturtex-SZTE-Szedeák team. The program is run in cooperation with the club. The third is Compulsory ski camp for 10th graders What I do not know about the whole country. We will go with hundreds of people in February, but before that we will start preparing for drying and adapting to gymnastics from November – we found out By Andrea Taborossifrom the Community Leader for Physical Education Work at SZTE Practice Gymnasium and Primary School.

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The school gymnasium has facilities that have allowed it to host professional sporting events as well as daily physical education, bringing the highest standards of sport close to students and parents alike. The audience of spectators, with a capacity of hundreds of people, can regularly watch youth dance competitions, medical cup matches were also previously held here, and Szedeák rehearsals were also hosted. Many students of the physical education teacher SZG JGYPK are also familiar with hands-on education at the school, under the guidance of two supervisors, Andrea Táborosi and László Galambos. The master’s program for both of them is related to the work done with SZTE students. The cooperation agreement with the faculty for teacher training enhances the training of students.


Graduated from SZTE Practice High School Zofia Konyawho won a bronze medal as a member of the mixed relay at this year’s Beijing Winter Olympics, but is the long-distance world silver medalist, Italian Anna He also came here as did the former national team swimmer, I want Alexandraor a player from Naturtex-SZTE-Szedeák Zatmiary Zsumbur.


Italian Anna (left) and Zofia Konya on a dusty day

Children are active, it is good to work with them and know that health is important to them. We try to keep this as best we can and make it more interesting through our programs and events. In many cases, both teachers and parents take on a challenge, which is an excellent example to set an example.” Andrea Taborossi, one of the school’s physical education teachers.

University will already find From an early age, she inspires students to exercise and stay healthy. Later, students will find their place in all fields from recreational sports to elite sports. These activities are coordinated by the SZTE Sports Center and the Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science. Even former students will not be left without sports programs, ie SZTE Alma Mater The organization and the sports center, regularly launches challenges. It’s currently running “Move out! 100 inches Challenge, more details can be found here.

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SZTEinfo / Ferenc Levi

Photo: Stephen Shaheen Toth