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Table – Fomo – Princess Catherine hid books in public places in Britain

Princess Catherine, the wife of Prince William, has contributed to the Holt Still collection of books at the National Port Gallery, which recalls key moments of the epidemic from last year. There are 100 portraits in it, and the proceeds from the sold copies are donated to charities. The move covers 150 blocks across the UK, some of which were covered by the Duchess of Cambridge in public places in Britain.

The video of Catherine dressed in red and how to place a book near Kensington Palace is also featured on the Indigenous couple’s official Instagram page.

Anyone lucky enough to find one of the hidden copies can not only admire the photos, but also surprise them: the princess has attached a letter to each volume, the lines of which can now be read by anyone, an inventor has shared it on Twitter.

Dear Inventor! The book Still Still is a photographic document of photographs taken when it was closed due to last year’s Govt-19. The pictures tell of the challenges we all face, but at the same time they sometimes unite us in extraordinary ways. (…) Once you have finished the book, please give it to someone in your company so they can enjoy it too. He greets you, Kattalin

The princess writes in her letter that she is proud to be a part of this project.

As far as the book business is concerned, it seems to have become a big trend nowadays among members of the royal (and partly formerly royal) family. Megan Markle recently finished Own writingInspired by a Father’s Day poem.

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(Cover photo: Pregnant Princess Catherine visits Northern Ireland in Belfast in October 2017. Photo: Charles McQuillon / Getty Images Hungary)