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Take-Two has removed several old GTA modes, citing copyright

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, developer of the GTA franchise, without any warning Handicapped A collection of popular mods designed for older episodes of the series. The publisher cited the best-selling media for three games, GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas and GTA 3, citing copyright.

This is the case with GTA: Liberty City, which integrated GTA 3 into Vice City, making it possible to drive engines and helicopters, for example. GTA Underground, which has condensed the cities of the 3D universe on the map, fell victim to the Take-Two bannhammer.

A wave of bans hit last week, and Underground developers are trying unsuccessfully to find some kind of solution with Take-Two, and the latter is adamant. And the modder community stands at a loss, stretches out their arms, and doesn’t understand what’s going on, because these old mods don’t hurt the parent company’s revenue.

The only logical explanation it seems is that a revamped trilogy could be made on the GTA games mentioned above, so Take-Two doesn’t want any alternate mod to be an attractive alternative in the games below.

In recent months, some GTA Online mods have also been up their necks, with the first more popular mod, Luna, dropping in January. In Luna’s case, Take-Two threatened the makers to take the matter to court if the listing was not immediately closed. Luna was closed and all proceeds had to be donated to a foundation appointed by Take-Two. Additional edit lists have been deleted in a similar way.

Additionally, Take-Two targeted content producers who uploaded the videos most relevant to the situation to YouTube. Rockstar has also banned 4 different profiles of one of the cool and benevolent mods, Zyrian, in one week, and the content of the smaller videographers is downloaded in a row citing copyright.

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While more and more mods fall prey, you don’t have to worry about the community taking a beating from Rockstar and Take-Two. While the GTA 5 RP servers are all mods for one, as long as you need the original GTA 5 to run it, the development team and the parent company aren’t sure they’re dedicated to RP, because that means revenue for them too.

Another problem is that if we do not look at the supposedly revamped trilogy, the old mods will not in any way harm Take-Two’s revenue, in fact, they will help them, as in 2021, only old GTA games will be purchased. because of the modification. Moreover, the renewed trilogy is also just speculation, and it has not been officially confirmed. Rockstar has so far only promised surprises for GTA Online players in this year’s GTA 3, but that doesn’t mean that a mod will ever be released.

By the way, tomorrow the summer DLC will arrive in GTA Online, which will be an expansion of the classic GTA bloody game with Japanese cars, street racing and police pursuit, unlike last year’s futuristic and superior upgrades.