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Taking care of children with disabilities in healthy days

Every year, two out of every thousand newborns are born with musculoskeletal injuries due to some type of perinatal brain damage, in which case musculoskeletal rehabilitation plays a very important role in later life. Finding the right treatment options is all about making an accurate diagnosis, whether it’s post-deformity surgery or botox therapy that relieves muscle spasm. Three of the 21 shows on Semmelweis Health Days on April 29 also deal with caring for children with disabilities The university gate caught attention.

“In such a life situation, we not only treat the child, but also cooperate with the whole family, and it does not alleviate the situation in which talking about infected children in Hungary remains a taboo,” he adds. Dr. Tamas Terbisi, Associate Professor, Department of Orthopedics, Similoye University. The orthopedic surgeon adds that if a newborn suspects hypoxia during childbirth or that the child has had a stroke affecting the development of the nervous system, it is nearly impossible to recognize the resulting abnormalities at a very early age. If the child has recovered from trauma to the brain, the tests at the age of one and a half show little difference, because the true residual symptoms – signs that parents can actually see – develop at the age of one and a half to two years.

The specialized screening system can steadily determine the condition of the child from the age of about 4 years, and after compiling the personal condition assessment and development plans, you can judge in which direction and how much it can be improved. According to the specialist, underdevelopment or excessive growth is not considered good, each child should be treated according to his own situation, which is the responsibility of teams of neurologists, a rehabilitation physician, orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists and movement development teachers.

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A young child learns to walk at an average age of 1 year, and gait development continues until age 7. If the ability to walk has not developed yet, then it is unlikely that it will occur later, even if we perform an operation on the child to no avail, because the injury is not in the locomotor system, but in the nervous system.

In the so-called neuromuscular disease of neuromuscular origin, bone deformities are only secondary, and they must be eliminated by prevention or surgical correction. At the same time, with development and well-defined surgical interventions, successes can be achieved, for example, so that a person can transition from walking to walking or from bending down to a more straight walk, ”says the orthopedic surgeon.

In addition to surgeries, botox therapy can achieve amazing results in treating convulsive conditions. The average person is reminded of Botox in cosmetic interventions, but the drug may also be effective in other areas, such as orthopedic care, depending on how it works. Botox eliminates the magpie by paralyzing the wrinkle-tightening muscles, causing the fold to relax. The expert explains that the nervous system, which has suffered from hypoxic damage, and therefore the muscles, are in a state of spasm, so they overwork, which leads to a weakening of the condition, while preserving muscle function, if it is partially weakened with botox. Currently, this procedure is only partially supported by Social Security for calf muscle therapy, otherwise it can be applied with individual permission.

In the orthopedic clinic of Semiloys University, 100-200 surgeries and 20-30 botox treatments are performed annually for affected children.

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Simmelweis health days on April 29th Its detailed program can be found here. Participation in the lectures is free of charge, but registration is required. Registration closes at 12 PM on April 28to.