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Talk about a new love! Will Andy Toth marry at an early age and start a family?

Andi Tóth’s career is going fast: he looks good, he lives in a dream apartment, he drives a dream car. All he’s missing is the peace of his life… and a new, true love. But the latter is not so easy to find.

I find it very difficult to open because I got hurt so much. Because of this, I pulled huge walls around me that are difficult for men to tear down – Says Story MagazineHe also admits that it’s rare for someone to catch him and fall in love with him. “It’s very easy for men these days, but unfortunately for women.” There is an unbelievable shallowness that makes me climb a wall. I am disgusted by the phrase “live by yourself” Andy continues, adding that he is deeply saddened that roles have now been completely canceled and that men are waiting for women to take the lead.

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If the real mother comes, she will be a happy mother too

“I’m older than that, I think the man should take the castle.” If not, I’m a girl without love, I’m a thousand times more alone. (…]I want a house with a garden where I can finally have a dog. I really want a rottweiler. But my happiness in the first place is this dream picture If someone associates me with building, in which we bless each other, all the better. It is also not scary for me to marry at such a young age and have a family.

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Seeing Soma Mamagisa is horrific. He sensed the problem in advance and said something very serious now >>>

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