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Tamas Shanda: tax secrets, how much Coca-Cola pays according to the “polluter pays” principle

Peter Ungar had previously indicated that he considered such an answer distasteful.

Politician at LMP Victor Urban He wondered how much Coca-Cola, the government’s strategic partner, would pay for environmental pollution in Hungary, then With the support of Hungarian taxpayers The economic activity of the company. Peter Ungaro He predicted that if the answer was not an aggregate, but Gyurcsany and Bellabla, it would again become clear that the whole greening of Fides was always empty.

The ringing was not done, however Peter Ungar did not know how much Coca-Cola was paying in Hungary under the “polluter pays” principle. instead of the prime minister tamas chandaThe Secretary of State for Innovation explained to green politicians what the “polluter pays” principle means in waste management.


The producer and the owner of the waste must manage the waste in such a way as to ensure a high level of protection for the environment and human health and to bear the costs thereof. Beverage companies usually do not produce plastic waste in the course of their activities, that is, in the production of drinks.

However, the plastic packaging of beverage products generates a large amount of waste, for which local distributors, like domestic producers, have to pay environmental fees for the product.

The amount Coca-Cola pays is a tax secret. The lametacar scandal In his words is

The amount of the product fee paid and refunded by the company to which you refer for the products subject to the product fee, and the amount of the products covered by the product fee, is considered a tax secret.

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