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Tears are falling! It turns out that he became the new partner of Anna Pachtor

It’s wasteful shepherd anna He has tremendous talent, not only in singing but also in dancing. The singer gave an amazing performance in the first season of Dancing With the Stars with her then-dancing partner. With György Köcse.

They plowed the dance floor

I am from the dance I literally fell in love. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that you still want to dance. György supports him in everything, which is why he introduced the singer to Pro-Am Style, a professional amateur dance competition..

We can see great dances from the singer and György Photo: TV2

The Anna and Barbie striker did not have to wait long, he already has a new partner.

Andrea Silvestri would love to try racing with me. My tears flowed when I found out that I couldn’t believe what had happened, I almost passed out from joy. We have three weekly workouts starting in February and our first global competition will take place on August 21. said Best Magazine Shepherd Anna.

We wrote about the singer’s new plans before خطط

“I loved every moment of Dancing with the Stars and there was a lot of positive feedback about it. Those who watched the show might know it. Martina Vardy and Andrea Sylvester. These two wonderful people vowed to hatch me. Anna said, “The big plan is to hone ourselves and train so that we are ready for the competition,” whose partner Andrea will be your partner.

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