Astronomers have discovered the moon orbiting a planet outside the solar system in just one case.

They may have found a second moon (or super moon) orbiting an exoplanet. Therefore, an orb, such an exoplanet, can be called an outer confinement.

the IFL Science According to the supermoon candidate, the giant moon is as massive as the first possible outer contract. Confirmation may take some time, but the researchers believe the discovery isn’t a strange, one-off case, but rather a much more pattern: it’s possible that there are still externalities elsewhere.

So far, researchers have found more than 4,000 exoplanets, and thousands more are waiting to be validated. However, the moons are difficult to detect. In 2017, researchers at Columbia University reported a foreign body attached to a seemingly larger celestial body. Now the same team announced the news: a second supermoon may have been spotted. Research material is natural astronomy Summarized in the journal.

The exoplanet is thought to orbit Kepler at a size similar to that of Jupiter about 1708 b, 5,500 light-years away from us. The existence of Kepler 1708b was confirmed by the Kepler space telescope. If the Moon were present, its radius could be 2.6 times that of the Earth. This makes it likely to be a rocky body.

The study also does not rule out the possibility that Kepler in 1708b – the supposed moon – may one day be an independent planet.

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