Stuart Murray, 56, caught the sunset barely 10 minutes from his home, which looked like an angel appeared in the sky.

A Scottish amateur photographer managed to get a special sunset shot. Stuart Murray, 56, recently captured a sunset near Portsoy with his smartphone, which at first glance looks as if someone edited it with Photoshop. However, this did not happen.

Within minutes of sunset, the light refracted and clouds stood on the horizon as if an angel had appeared in the sky. All this was confirmed by the fact that the sun had fallen beyond the horizon of the sea, the body of the angel also appeared, metro.

Angelic sunset with “halo and wings” captured by an amateur photographer

An amateur photographer captured a celestial moment after capturing a sunset shaped like an angel. Stuart Murray, 56, took out his smartphone when he noticed the sunset near his home in Portsoy, Scotland. The resulting images show that he is engulfed and transformed into an angelic figure with outstretched wings.

The man told the newspaper he had wanted to capture the sunset for years, but something was always interfering: either the weather wasn’t right for it – we’re talking about Scotland – or he couldn’t do it because of his work.

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He took the photo about a 10-minute walk from his home on June 1 at 9:45 p.m.

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