Adobe is already testing the free browser Photoshop in Canada, which may soon be available in other parts of the world.

Adobe has brought good news for those who want to do photo editing but can’t/can’t spend money on Photoshop: the company will soon offer a free browser version of the program. The the edge He says the solution is already being tested in Canada — those who sign into a free Adobe account can access it.

Of course, Adobe doesn’t make the full software available in the browser, only the basic features that are useful/common to most. However, on the one hand, it can be useful for simple editing tasks, and on the other hand, the company works well, after a while, the user may decide to subscribe to the program to make more use of his photos.

Another advantage is that Photoshop can be accessed from platforms where the image editor is not yet available. Chrome OS, for example, gives Chromebook users access to the software.

It is not yet known when Photoshop will be freely available to everyone, but Adobe surely wants to do so as soon as possible.

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