The layout of the optics on the iPhone 13 camera island is different from what we saw on the iPhone 12. There are two possible explanations for why.

After a long wait, Apple finally unveiled this year’s iPhones earlier this week. While there has been some great progress on the inside, there isn’t much difference between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13 on the outside. With one exception: the location of the camera.

You can also see in the images above that while the iPhone 12 camera is located on the left side of the island, the current optics are at a diagonal on the current model.

a Next Web According to him, there are two primary reasons why Apple changed things: a technical goal and a marketing goal would have been able to steer the company.

The earlier response is likely to be obtained in the sensor shift optical stabilization. This feature was first introduced by Apple in the iPhone 12 Pro and covers the mechanism that moves the camera sensor so that a sharp picture can be taken using the handheld device. The company has also shown how practical this looks on the iPhone 13.

It seems that the component that ensures movement of the sensor is quite large. Accordingly, they could no longer be integrated into the iPhone 13 with the lenses under each other, so the diagonal solution was not only elegant, but also a necessary one.

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In addition, another goal may have guided Apple: to make the iPhone 13 a better seller. Although progress has been made in mobile phone specifications, it does not appear that “out there” someone is holding a new phone in their hands. However, people have the urge to see at a glance that they have a new cell phone. According to the newspaper’s reporter, this may already be reason enough to change Apple.

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