Gil Wizen spent the night in a reserve when he learned there were spider seedlings around his bed. He looked down and came across a huge Brazilian wandering spider.

Israeli-Canadian photographer Jill Wiesen visited an Ecuadorean reserve in 2014 to capture wildlife photos. He had just rested when he noticed there were smaller spiders around his bed. The photographer started following them as he stared under his bed. And here he discovered a palm of Brazilian wandering spiders, with a lot of spider seedlings around.

Wizen immediately took a photo of the spider family, and as it turned out, this work became the winner in 2021 Nature Photographer of the Year called the urban category of competition Mirror.

Brazilian migratory spiders often drop crickets and frogs; Their poison is deadly, it can kill even one person. The substance however is used for medicinal purposes.

Nature Photographer of the Year The competition was organized by the Natural History Museum in London, and the jury was able to select from over 50,000 entries. The National Geographic According to his Hungarian version, Hungarian works have also been praised, including recordings by Tamás Koncz-Bistricz and Imre Potyó.

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