Two years ago, NASA’s Parker spacecraft picked up strange radio signals at Venus, which scientists later converted into sounds. It’s like ghost singing.

Venus is one of the strangest planets in the solar system, and NASA scientists do not hide it. Two years ago, in July 2020, the space agency used the Parker probe to record strange radio signals around the planet, which were later converted into sounds. The recording is not up to date, but many probably haven’t heard of it yet – and it’s worth it.

K futuristic His writing on this also indicates that the audio material is a bit scary, as if creatures of an alien world come alive in the background. The noise, of course, was caused not by it, but by the processes occurring in the layer of the planet’s ionosphere, that is, in the upper atmosphere.

As confirmed by NASA, radio signals are inaudible in space, but experts have determined that these strange frequencies can also be perceived by the human ear. Scientists hope that the radio signals recorded by the probe’s FIELDS instrument will help them understand how Venus became the scorching world we know today. (The surface temperature of the planet can reach 400 degrees Celsius.)

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The audio material is also interesting because Parker was not primarily built to study Venus; Note the outer crown of the Sun, but also get close to Venus on its journey. Thanks to the detected radio signals, experts have already realized that the ionosphere of Venus has diminished over the past 30 years. This change is related to the solar cycle.

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