Based on the deleted Reddit post, it’s conceivable that Facebook engineers won’t be able to remotely fix the bugs that caused the shutdown.

In Hungary, on Monday evening around 6pm exactly Facebook is closed, along with Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. The service has not been recovered at the time of writing our article, in fact, according to previous information, the company’s employees It also surrendered its internal communication platformThe Company cannot receive external emails.

It is not yet known what might be behind the downtime. The company just released a statement saying that it is trying to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. However, IT expert Gábor Szöllősi writes from the deleted Reddit post that Facebook engineers can’t address the issue remotely.

“According to the deleted Reddit comment, the whole thing stuck after changing the network configuration, and as a result, the engineers had excluded themselves from the routers, so now you have to actually go there, and connect your laptop.”

Szöllősi wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, a US press release confirmed that A detachment has been sent to a data center in California.

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