A Chinese company called Unitree filmed an army of robotic dogs that the company had developed on videotape of a Star Wars music.

Hearing the word robot dog is sure people will do Boston Dynamics name jumps firstNot a unitary. However, the Chinese company will try its best to make it different in the future.

The company shared a video on Twitter in early March, mixing legendary Star Wars music. It is no coincidence that the video shows that dozens of robotic dogs come to life: they get up, move, and then return to rest.

a daily Mail He writes, robots are controlled by artificial intelligence, which allows machines to move quickly and “defend themselves”, among other things.

Incidentally, the company has secretly developed a chassis called Aliengo, and Unitree unveiled its development for the first time at the 2020 CES Technology Show. The device weighs about 11.8 kg and its battery can store enough power for two hours of operation.

At the same time, the company prides itself on its speed: its speed can reach almost 11.2 km / h, which is a very dangerous performance. However, it’s not all about how long the battery will last that fast.

However, Twitter users are not very enthusiastic about development. There are those who say that the company developed Aliengo for military purposes, which could be used against the United States.

Others missed Skynet’s well-known mantra from the Terminator films about structures:

However, according to the company, the robotic dog was not developed for these purposes. Since it can hold up to 5 kilograms of payload, Aliengo is primarily designed for warehouse and material handling.

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