According to world-famous research biologist and biochemist Catalin Carrico, there are people who don’t care what they say and still refuse a vaccine. The US-based specialist visits Szeged for three days.

Coronavirus – second year

It has been more than a year since the Chinese authorities informed the World Health Organization of the emergence of a new rapidly spreading virus. Since then, there hasn’t been anyone in the world who hasn’t heard of the term Covid-19, and more and more people are mourning a relative or friend who ended up with the new disease as existence collapsed in weeks and rewrote our entire lives from the pandemic. So far, vaccines have been completed, and this in turn raises not only hope, but also many questions, while not only stopping the virus, but also threatening another mutation. You can find the details of this battle in our series of articles.

Catalin Carrico, who patented a technology for synthetic vaccines based on mRNA, arrived in Sieged, where she also answered RTL Híradó’s questions.

The Hungarian research biologist, biochemist began by saying that there are people who don’t care what they say, and don’t even want to be vaccinated.

Carrico shared that he was asked for advice on social media to give a scientific opinion on why RNA is not incorporated into DNA. According to the researcher, this is the biggest concern of many that this will be a huge problem in the long run, “the vaccine is built into.”

But if anyone believes this, I will tell him scientifically why this does not happen, because this person does not have scientific knowledge. “

He said RTLTo Catalin Carrico.

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If these concerns are real, the researcher added, our DNA strands will already be several miles long.

[Becsüljük meg a tanárokat! – üzeni Karikó Katalin, aki már valami újdonsággal készül]

Hope also spoke of some saying that the RNA vaccine “reprogrammed” the entire immune system. According to him, those who believe in this point to a study by German-Dutch researchers. However, he searched for it and it turned out that in fact it was someone who had already expressed at the time of measles that RNA vaccines could do this.

Catalin Carrico noticed that 40-50 years ago, no one suspected vaccinations, but he was happy to receive them and thus they were protected.

He also said that due to the misconceptions, it is especially important for researchers to use a simpler, more understandable language.

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Catalin Carrico met the biology students at Sieged

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