Continuing from the previous Fast Laughs feature, Netflix will reintroduce another feature for kids based on TikTok’s short video concept.

Announced in the Spring for the Netflix App for iOS A Quick Laugh Feature. Like TikTok, you can browse short videos here, but not just any videos. These are not made by users, but by Netflix: clips show funny scenes from series and movies available on Netflix.

The streaming provider is doing something similar again, however – a Bloomberg For your information – This time he will focus on the children. Kids Clips will also be included in the iOS app, providing short favorites from kids. (There is no information about the android version yet.)

The big difference compared to Fast Laughs is that “baby videos” appear horizontally and the little one can only watch 10-20 such clips at a time. Netflix is ​​said to be adding new clips to its offering every day based on available movies and current shows. Perhaps this is how the purpose of both features is similar: to promote Netflix content and facilitate the decision to choose a movie/series.

Kids Clips is still in the testing phase at the moment and is only available on Netflix in certain markets (US, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Latin America).

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