Mars Express has been examining the surface of the Red Planet for nearly 20 years, using another ancient technology today. But this also needs updating to keep the system up to date.

Nineteen years after its launch, European Space Agency (ESA) engineers are preparing to update the probe’s Windows 98-cat system; The platform was a real milestone nearly two decades ago, but now (at least in the user’s eyes) is pretty outdated.

Mars Express, in cooperation with Europe, works well with the ancient system: it collects important data on the surface of the Red Planet. Although the arrival of the data packet has been ongoing so far, the update will provide more information about the features of the planet’s surface. and the.

For the operation, the Mars Express system will be updated by engineers with a remote update. The probe can then examine the subsurface composition of Mars and the planet’s moon, Phobos, on a larger scale. An additional benefit of the upgrade is that the hull’s radar called MARSIS, which was developed for water recovery, will be able to operate five times more at a time than before. This was not possible until now because the old system filled the internal memory very quickly.

Carlo Nina, a software engineer at Enginium, is also involved in the planned work, which she describes as exciting but very challenging. the edge to me. This is understandable somewhere, of course: professionals need to improve a nearly twenty-year-old platform while adding new features.

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