Google is restricting the use of Google Photos as of June 1: Anyone who stores more than 15GB of data on all of their Google services will have to pay for the extra storage space.

In late 2020, Google made an unexpected announcement: The company will limit free image storage for five years. The change will affect Google Photos, and the change will take effect today, June 1, 2021.

As we wrote earlier, the new rule in practice means that if you run out of 15GB of space – which includes all Gmail messages and files stored on Google Drive as well as uploaded photos and videos – you can either delete the photos from your photos. User or pay for additional storage space.

If you chose the previous solution, a tool was previously created by Google. As a result, your system will detect how much space the uploaded images are blurry or bulky (including videos) or maybe just screenshots. The analysis of your own account, which is publicly available, can be accessed by clicking here.

If we do not know exactly how much data we store on Google, we can view it in detail in this article.

Of course, in order to perform the checks above, we need to log into our Google account.

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By the way, Google recently added a new feature to Gmail, which isn’t about freeing up storage space, it’s about filling it up – and making saving photos very convenient.

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