The head of Facebook explained the company’s recent scandals in a long post.

Long In a post on Facebook On Wednesday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg tried to refute the allegations against his company. As reported by, Frances Haugen, a former employee who dropped out of the company, made serious allegations about Facebook’s operation in Tuesday’s Senate hearing. Haugen said Facebook has created elite clubs that have users whose posts have not been moderated by Facebook. Haugen also added that while the company knew Instagram was having a bad effect on the mental health of young people, it was still doing something — though, the provider has since launched the development of Instagram for Kids.

Zuckerberg did not refute these allegations, only writing that it is not true that Facebook does not care about safety, well-being and mental health, and added: Haugen paints a wrong picture about the company when he claims that he is only interested in profit people do not. Zuckerberg said they created a new algorithm to get users to see as many posts as possible about their friends and family.

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According to the Facebook leader, it is also not true that they will not participate in the search, because they also have their own search program. Regarding the kids version of Instagram, he said kids are very focused on using Facebook products, which is why they also created an app called Messenger Kids. And development of the children’s version of Instagram was suspended because it was found to not have a good effect on children.

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Facebook suffered its worst outage in its history on Monday.

Obvious answers: Why did Facebook close? However, why did it take so long to fix it?

Presumably, most small businesses who refuse to digitize are bored because business articles have wanted to talk for years about doing what they don’t like and turning their daily lives upside down. However, even in 2021, you don’t have to knock on the door with a pair of feet – in our article, we’ll look at what is now mandatory to intervene in the work, what is the advantage rather than the expectation, and what could be the icing on a digital cake.

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Former product manager says Facebook is harming children and weakening democracy


The company’s former product manager said in a hearing before a US Senate committee that Facebook should file for moral bankruptcy, admitting that they need help dealing with their problem.