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Technological developments in patient care represent a number of new opportunities

Technological development Many new opportunities in patient care, but not only for the development of specific tools and programs, but also for itself; aZ is also an important part of the user and service provider sourcing process. Among their slogans the director mentioned telemedicine, 3D or the Internet of Medical Things.

However, in his opinion, the challenge is not whether or not this technology is available, as it has also been used on a daily basis for years, making it appear in patient care.

The real challenge is how they can become a product, and how can they meet customers’ current needs.

This is the economic environment now

BEK’s two main target groups are individual customers and corporate partners, both of whom have been affected by the significant growth that characterized the entire Hungarian economy in recent decades until the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In the case of individual clients, the demand for solvents continues to focus in Budapest, as interest in private healthcare services has continued to grow. Before the pandemic, the market grew by more than 10% per year, and BEK grew by more than 35% on average, However, a smaller increase was observed last year due to COVID-19.

For companies a The momentum of their B2B partners The pandemic didn’t stop him either, because he was apparently trained and committed Employee retention A corporate key, dedicated – or dedicated to the job Benefits became an expectation.

For now, the companies keep sticking, and the market is moving towards insurance. In their outpatient care units, nearly a quarter of their partners and clients receive insurance financing.

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According to Andras Kiss, the private sector Main buoyancy Later Negative perception of local careEspecially in the capital and for people of working age. Because of the status and work law flow They are experiencing the private sector, and they are not seeing the opposite movement yet.

Coronavirus-related services are increasing

He also talked about the current experiences with the epidemiological situation. Caution has been exercised in individual clients: a blockScreening tests my knowledge They are in need, but there are forms of care caused by the epidemic Useless, In parallel, services related to the Coronavirus are increasing. In some areas (for example, special surgeries) flow From the public sector to private service providers.

For companies, the work life Coordination and prof Physical and mental health His question became a major issue. The basic expectation is flexibility and Personalization In all dimensions of business, including benefits. Due to Covid, new services will come to the fore here as well, and the advisory role for service providers will increase.

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