The Jetson Aero’s special vehicle looks like a vehicle for the well-known dental runners from the Star Wars movies.

By selling a drone-style car, Jetson Aero wants to generate more revenue, claiming that the first pieces of the machine have already been booked by those interested. About Temple A New Atlas I prepared a longer report.

The Jetson One features a single-seat reinforced metal frame with a top speed of 102 km/h specified by the manufacturer. To do this, the machine uses four boom-mounted propellers capable of producing a total of 118 horsepower. Jetson says the machine can be steered safely even if one of the engines stops.

The pilot can use the pedals and steering wheel to control the machine and increase speed. There is also a small screen in front of the meeting that summarizes the most important information. According to the manufacturer, the machine is very compact and barely larger than a packaged tour drive. However, they can’t be used for very long: Jetson calculates that the pilot weighing approximately 85 pounds

It can be operated for 15 minutes, after which it must be recharged.

The company asks for 92,000 dollars, or about 28.8 million forints, for the Aero plane. Those who are serious about buying will be required to pay a $22,000 down payment because the car will not be delivered until 2022.

Many news sites characterize development as star WarsIt is a real working version of the teeth that appear in the tooth.

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