Experts at a British-American research program have warned that a giant glacier in Antarctica could be radically altered by climate change.

Ted Schampos of the Thwaites Glacier International Project (ITGC) warns that the floating portion of the glacier’s front could shatter like a car windshield in less than ten years.

The results of studies already presented and not yet presented indicate that this phenomenon is caused by warm water that falls under the glacier.

Thwaites Glacier is constantly monitored by researchers: it measures the rate of melting of the glacier. Studies by scientists have shown that the amount of melted ice has doubled over the past 30 years. It actually releases 50 billion tons of ice into the ocean every year.

Thwaites Glacier, also referred to as Doomsday Glacier, is located in Mary Bird Land in West Antarctica. The area of ​​the ice sheet is the size of Great Britain. If it melted completely one day, the sea level would rise by 65 cm A BBC according to. This scenario may happen centuries later.

[Találtak egy hatalmas üreget az Antarktiszon, 10 km hosszú és 4 km széles]

Experts will present their findings in detail at the week-long fall meeting of the American Geophysical Society.

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