In the fourth beta of Android 12, a set of tools have been discovered that give you more opportunities to use mobile phones without touching.

Google showed it in mid-May Exciting new features to be brought by the company’s next mobile operating system, Android 12. Since then, a fourth beta version of the software has been released – for Pixel phones – which indicates that it may be close to the final version, which is also available for phones from multiple manufacturers.

But what is more interesting now is the feature that it is XDA Developers stabbed in beta. While Google itself creates accessibility features for people with disabilities that make it easier for them to use their mobile phones, they have also created an API through which developers can create their own solutions.

The toolkit called Camera Switches allows developers to read users’ facial expressions using a mobile phone camera. The system is able to recognize six different facial expressions, however, dozens of actions can be customized. According to them, for example, if someone smiles or raises their eyebrows, they can open the notification panel or the quick settings. Opening and closing the mouth allows you to scroll up / down. Using these gestures, you can also determine how much movement the system uses: for example, just don’t start scrolling the screen in awe.

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Andorid will also indicate on the phone screen that the camera is in use, which means that users will be safe in principle and that the phone will not stalk them even when they don’t want to. Or at least they will know about it.

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