Petra Anna door

Petra Anna door

While we’re rich in exciting, high-quality complementary content, our hearts – and with it our brains – yearn for the streaked past of this ripped-looking family VHS tapes.

In the most miserable time, the first news emerged that Netflix would be launching the legendary American comedy series, Good Friends, in Europe by the end of 2020. The ten-year-old series, which lasted for 121 hours, was in It was available from HBO GO Those who have so far trusted broadcast providers haven’t stored the entire series on a secure external hard drive – their conversations are already known by heart anyway.

Streaming Ocean on Netflix, which also excels in domestically produced series, only hit 113 brand-new content last year, allowing viewers to fish for themselves, while HBO Max showed “expanded” 31 series last year. However, Netflix didn’t make a wise decision when it dispersed the old classics from their shows and focused only on the current ones. (It is not known how much this will affect subscribers, but it is a fact: According to data released yesterday, Netflixes’ camp has grown not by 6 million projections, but by only 4 million in the first three months of this year, and only 1 million in the current quarter. Which currently has 208 million subscribers, growing.)

Because despite the large number of new and handcrafted pilot episodes, research has shown that viewers are more willing to return to our old favorites. The trend toward sequences that have been completed for many years to creep back into the screens of the pandemic has only intensified.

Our second family


According to a Nielsen survey, the most watched series in the UK during the pandemic were Mafiacs that ran from 1999 to 2007. Torn between regular family problems and a bit of extraordinary work, and the difficulty of running an underworld organization, the story of Tony Soprano on the HBO platform that produced the series Originally a 200% growth between March and October 2020 in the island country. The Watchman According to his analysis, the story of the father of the family and the mafia leader terrified by Generation Z during the lockdowns has already been found. Thanks to confinement, the age group born during the filming of the series was able to learn about the fates of the characters portrayed in the mafia, such as the anti-hero character struggles within the family or the status of a nephew struggling with drug withdrawal symptoms.

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The Overseas Audience Record is an American office version with a ridiculously funny form of fake documentaries. 57 billion minutes were broadcast in the United States Viewership, number two, Grace Clinic, who is also a television veteran, amassed around 40 billion minutes of views.

Coming home from home

The one-year epidemic, which brought with it an uncertain atmosphere, reinforced the position that had already defined the behavior of spectators on a large scale. Consequently

Recycling old movies and series provides less stressful entertainment, making the brain more desirable.

The key is the experience of continuity it gives us, as we know exactly what awaits us will be fun and we will definitely love it – unlike a new and unknown series.

Specifically, it is very difficult to pick up an entirely new thread of plot and requires a lot of receptive work to get to the new situation, as British journalist David Renshaw explains in his long analytical article. BBC In columns. The world of comedies, full of humor and, in most cases, devoid of tragedy and drama, is constant, our characters are known as if we were just our family, and these core values ​​are a sure grip for millions of people in these turbulent times. The rituals of watching the series are a predictable framework, and the plot’s plot can give the days some artificial rhythm of life, helping them to stay trapped between the four walls.

They are tires


Additionally, the human brain has been set to replicate since ancient times. Repeating each story every time helps us better understand the world around us, which in turn increases our sense of control. We probably won’t even communicate, But the repetition of the adult evening series is not much different than whether children want to hear the same evening sleepy tale for a century. This is because the brain can learn from repetition, as this process allows for the guaranteed storage of information.

With a series from the ancient world, which shows the problems of our old life and daily life, we can return to the safe and friendly era, which is currently the only one that can be predicted, love and search for it in everything. Especially now, he thinks. Greatstink Announcement of a psychologist.

Viewers of the series who spoke in the newspaper reported a phenomenon that they actually relax during the main music. They say it is reassuring to return home to familiar, screen locations like the fictional small town of the Hearts Hotel, Stars Hollow, or Harry Potter’s magical film school, Hogwarts. The nostalgia factor is only amplified if the viewer saw the content last time as a child, as in the case of the Disney cartoon, this suppression can occur in a carefree period – so it can evoke a more intense feeling in the present.

We have a seat at the table


These vintage shows are really good for the spirit of 2013 Social and psychological research Also illustrated by the University of Houston. They studied how imaginary worlds help people solve their real problems. The researcher who commissioned the study, Jay L Derek – who was BBC He said in his article – there is a direct correlation between imagining ourselves in the world of our favorite series and calming down with it. In contrast, this automatic phenomenon does not occur when new content is received.

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And our minds are chewing with pleasure what we’ve seen before, because after a stressful day, according to the expert, we don’t want to experience new bursts and unexpected surprises while watching evening TV, so everyone has the best way to go – if consuming the program.

I graduated a self-market analysis company The survey Based on IMDb score for shows on platforms among the six broadcast giants. Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV +, and Disney + HBO MaxTens of thousands of content has been scanned from Hulu and Netflix. Apple TV + received the highest rating, averaging 7.24 points on IMDb – all with a very modest 70 pieces of content. The provider who travels the most in dramas scored 47 out of 70 titles in this category, and their ratings now only score 3.9 based on Internet Movie Database ratings – a low score in the field. It is no coincidence that the survey’s ROI calculations showed Cupertino’s streaming service to be the least profitable, with Netflix outperforming the field with over 5,000 titles.

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