After Acer, an Apple supplier, a company called Quanta, was attacked by a Russian hacker group called REvil. Criminals are still demanding money for the data obtained.

The Russian hacker group, which recently stole multiple blueprints and manufacturing information from a company supplier, is demanding a $ 50 million ransom, or about 15.1 billion forints, from Apple. Cyber ​​criminals have already published some pages of stolen material and threaten to bring new pages to life every day.

a Record According to a report, a hacker group called Russian REvil – also known as Sodinokibi – hacked the servers of a Taiwanese manufacturer called Quanta and then stole data from there. Quanta also manufactures Apple MacBooks, among other things.

REvil members began posting the stolen information on April 20. The timing is no coincidence, as Apple held its spring announcement on the topic We wrote in detail here.

This was all done after Quanta said she would not pay them the requested ransom of $ 50 million. So hackers are now expecting the money directly from Apple, with the deadline on May 1.

Quanta A. Bloombergto He admitted that the company’s servers had been compromised, but believed that the attack only affected a very small portion of the servers and had no effect on the company’s operations.

REvil definitely isn’t bluffing when he says he has specific plans. So far, the iMac skeleton just presented has been published, which shows that the documents are original.

REvil also recently attacked Acer as well A ransom of 15 billion HUF is demanded.

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