During the heatwave in Texas, the machines of one of the largest bitcoin farms were running at reduced mode. The decision was very rewarding.

Mining Bitcoin (one of the most popular cryptocurrencies) requires enormous energy if one wants to amass a large amount of it. Therefore, many of them occupy huge machine complexes and work in industrial conditions. Many of these facilities operate worldwide, and one of the largest is located in Texas.

However, the company behind the operation, Riot Blockchain, is now in the news not because it earned such a large amount. In other words, but not in the way we think: This time around, turning off the machines was very rewarding.

The site operated by Rio operates with a capacity of 750MW, which is not enough in “peacetime” – even if consumption is higher than everyone else’s because more people are running air conditioners, fans, etc. For this reason, the company reduced consumption during the heat wave so that the available capacity in the network can be better distributed.

The company, also listed on the stock exchange, won $9.5 million, or more than HUF 3.6 billion, in July of this year. The Bloomberg According to the company, this amount is almost double the amount paid for bitcoins that the company has sold in the last period: it was “only” $ 5.6 million.

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There is, of course, something else to the interesting situation: Riot has entered into a serious partnership with the local council, which helps in the optimal use of energy. They had already indicated before the heat wave that miners would apply the brakes. Riot complied with the request, which took the form of a million dollars. Thank you. However, this amount – although it is clear that its value should not be underestimated – is received not in cash, but as a kind of credit, with which expenses are reduced.

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