The tree, named General Sherman, is 84 feet tall. Aluminum cladding also protects Lake Tahoe homes.

He wrote that due to the California wildfire, the trunk of the world’s largest tree was wrapped in a special “blanket”, a heat-resistant material, to protect it. Watchman.

There are more than two thousand giant pines in the area, some of which are also covered with articles made of aluminum. It has also been used in homes built on Lake Tahoe before and passed the test well:

He saved several houses from the fire.

However, experts say that this technique is only able to withstand intense heat for a short time.

Located in Sequoia National Park, General Sherman has a height of 1,487 cubic feet, a length of 84 feet, and a circumference of 31 feet.

Flames will hit the national park in the coming hours. Last year, fires destroyed thousands of pine trees.

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