The Hubble Space Telescope has discovered six galaxies that have already died in the midst of star formation.

Nearly three billion years after the creation of the universe, that was the period when star formation was most intense. Many stars are born from material in galaxies, but this does not seem to be the case in all galaxies.

Using the Hubble Space Telescope and the Large Millimeter/ Submillimeter Atacama (ALMA) network, scientists have discovered six dead galaxies that have run out of “fuel”: hydrogen, an essential accessory for star formation. Kate Whitaker, A temper natureThe son of According to one of the lead authors of the published study, it’s curious how all this could have happened.


Using gravitational lenses (large objects that bend space), the researchers were able to capture the curved, magnified light that these galaxies emit themselves.

Scientists still have to explain why they run out of “fuel” for star formation so quickly – in barely three billion years – or if they haven’t used it all where the others have gone. The researchers think the answer may be long, if they will ever be able to find it.

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