The prevalence of the virus variant is three times that of Delta.

Is there a return to “normality” due to vaccinations? How threatening are the various mutations in the virus? Should we fear another wave of epidemics? In our series, you will find everything you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic.

The omicron virus variant may be the dominant mutation in the coronavirus in Europe as of next month, ahead of the delta variant, according to a statement on Monday from the head of the bacteriology research group at the University of Basel. In a statement released on the university’s website, MTI wrote, Richard Nehr noted that there has been little omicron infection on the continent so far, but if the variant continues to spread at this rate,

The omicron may become dominant within a few weeks.

Data from the UK and Denmark show that the number of omicron infections doubles every 3-4 days and the prevalence is three times the delta-prevalent variable so far, because in addition to the unvaccinated, the vaccine can also be infected. Nehir noted that although vaccination offers greater protection against Delta than vaccinia, especially those who have taken the third booster vaccine, are still less likely to show more severe symptoms, even if they have been infected with Omicron.

Neher also warned of disparities in the global distribution of vaccines, which “must be addressed as quickly as possible.” In this regard, the World Health Organization (WHO) has also issued a number of warnings, stressing that while vaccination of health workers is still suspended in many countries, booster vaccinations may be available in other countries.

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A type of virus called omicron is already present in Hungary BackIt was offered by a couple who had never been abroad. One of them was taken to the hospital due to infection BecauseThe other has mild symptoms.


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