Bird singing has become quieter and more monotonous over the past 25 years in Europe and North America. An international research group said the reason for this was the disappearance of species and the decline in the number of individuals as a result of human activity such as intensive agriculture.

A research team led by Simon Butler of the University of Northern England analyzed recordings of bird songs and data on bird sightings recorded as part of the Citizen Science Monitoring project. The recordings and reports were made by interested lay persons at 200,000 locations in 22 European countries, as well as the United States and Canada. Also participating in the study were Austrian employees of the bird conservation organization Birdlife, Benjamin Seemann and Norbert Teufelbauer.

The scientists used the information to map changes in bird song over the past 25 years in specific regions. The Nature Communications According to the results presented in a scientific journal, the volume and diversity of bird songs almost everywhere also decreased over time. This is because the diversity of bird species has also gradually decreased, with the size of individual bird groups decreasing.

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This loss is painful not only for the world of birds but also for humans. Researchers emphasize that nature’s noise is also important for health and well-being.

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