One of the most proficient Microsoft professionals, Panos Panay, who is also responsible for the development of Windows 11, showed on Twitter how the Photos application will change in the new operating system.

The date is now official: Microsoft Windows 11 debuts October 5, to reach all PCs capable of running the system by mid-2022.

The new operating system will also include a revamped Photos app, which will make a major change to the image. This can do a lot to improve your Windows 11 experience just because it’s the system’s default photo viewer. The revamped app will be available to testers soon – Microsoft wants to get enough feedback on it by October 5th.

Thanks to Panos Panay, head of operating systems at Microsoft, we can take a closer look at the revamped application: the specialist posted a video about it on Twitter.

You’ll immediately notice that the app’s design has been revamped, so it fits in with the rest of Windows 11, and while the video doesn’t show dark mode, it’s likely to be available as well. Another change compared to the current version is that when we open an image in a folder, we can move the mouse pointer towards the bottom of the app to see a preview of the other images in the folder. You can open more than one of them at a time and they will all appear on the same screen.

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You can also see the modified application controls in the top menu. The options are centered and are now a floating toolbar. Some options, such as viewing image data with a single click, are easy to access.

The file information panel also changes. It is now on the right side of the application window and has also received some interface changes. Each piece of information has a symbol, which makes it easy to identify. You can also add a description to your photos, and when the photo is geotagged, you can see its location on a mini map.

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