A corporate organization called Horizon was so bad that it branded even the innocent as corrupt.

Many postal workers in the UK have been imprisoned for serious wrongdoings in the corporate system, he said, summarizing the essence of the incredible but true story. BBC.

For the past 20 years, postal workers have been overseen by an organization called Horizon, whose basic job is to verify withdrawals and payments. However, the software did not work properly and in many cases branded innocent people as thieves.

This may have happened because the program was miscalculated due to the wrong algorithm, so there seemed to be a lack of money to handle the postman.

System malfunctions led to severe delays: a BBC According to the British Post, at least three dozen people have been jailed and none of them have committed any crime.

Another development of the case is that the company admitted to the public that the software used did not work for a long time. They are now preparing to compensate or release those involved.

U.K. The Post’s CEO recently announced that Harrison will be replaced by a modern cloud – based system.

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