Samsung says that the special board can be stretched in all directions, but the electronics behind it won’t hurt either.

Samsung has built a special OLED display, which they say can be increased by up to 30 percent because the panel is very flexible, he wrote. the edge.

A material called elastomer was used to make the display. Samsung claims that the development will not be lost even after a thousand extensions, which means that it can be used for a relatively long time.

The new screen was shown with a heart rate monitor installed on the arm. Thanks to this and the electronics in it, the user can see his heart rate just by looking at his arm. The company says that the heat from the electronics will not harm the display.

Although the panel is primitive, Samsung claims that the sensors on it work more accurately because they fit better in the user’s hand. No external (third) device is required to display the data.

“The advantage of this technique is that it is not necessary to remove it while sleeping or exercising, because the patch is like part of our skin,” he was quoted as saying. the edge Youngjun Yunt, prototype developer.

Samsung says similar displays could be used to make more effective healthcare devices over time.

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