Samsung has announced a renewed Remote Test Lab program that allows developers to remotely test their developed apps on thousands of Galaxy devices. Available with more and more devices, the software helps developers with an efficient testing process while saving on hardware costs.

a remote test lab program With global access, developers can remotely test their apps on Galaxy devices around the world, no matter what country they are in. Over the past 10 years, Samsung has set up test labs all over the world, including India, Poland, South Korea, and the United States, and has now opened in Brazil, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam. The locations closest to us are also important because

The speed of the remote test lab test is affected by the distance from the server as well as the data rate, network connection traffic, and the security settings of the local network (firewall).

Samsung said that developers will have access to an automated testing tool that will allow them to monitor CPU and memory consumption while their app is running and verify that the app is having any impact on system resources. In the near future, developers will also be able to use a new communication channel that provides direct access to Samsung experts who can advise on how to improve the performance of their applications if necessary.

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In addition to the Galaxy S21 series with One UI 4 beta user interface, the software is also available with the latest Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3.

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