The highest volcano in Europe has never been this high.

Italian volcanologists have discovered that the southeast crater of Mount Etna has risen during volcanic activity over the past six months. The southeast crater of the now famous Sicily volcano has reached a height of 3,357 meters.

Employees of the Italian National Institute of Volcanology and Geophysics calculated its altitude from satellite images, and it is now higher than its “big brother” in the northeast, which was the highest point on the mountain 40 years ago, he writes guardian.

The northeastern crater also reached a height of 3,350 meters in 1981, but its rim collapsed, and in 2018 it was already “only” 3,326 meters. It bypassed this crater in the southeast, from which ash and smoke have been continuously ejected since February, infiltrating nearby settlements, lands, and roads, sometimes making life hell for those around them.

According to the government of Sicily, 300,000 tons of ash have so far been removed from the affected municipalities.

Mount Etna erupted


Lava is flowing, no injuries and no photos.

That night, Mount Etna erupted again and covered Sicily in ash - video


The eruption also reached a height of 5 km.