In some ways, the protection provided by the antivirus in the system will be even stronger. The development was still available, but the user had to activate it.

The factory antivirus for Windows 10, Windows Defender, will automatically block unwanted apps from August of this year, sleeping computer Based on official announcement from Redmond software vendor.

Windows Defender is the primary antivirus for Windows 10. Although the program has detected unwanted applications so far, the blocking itself only works if the user has previously activated the relevant function. However, Microsoft recently decided to switch to a higher level of protection,

Part of it is making the blocking automated.

Unwanted applications are neither viruses nor tools that hackers collect. At least in general. These are “utilities” that get on your computer when you install other software, and often slow it down. However, unwanted applications may engage in advertising activity or collect information about the user. In general, they can cause a lot of inconvenience to users.

It is not yet known exactly when spam blocking will become automatic. In this regard, Microsoft only stated that the functionality required for this purpose will be available early that month.

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There is a small problem with Windows System Update: Malware can get it


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There was no small problem with the built-in antivirus in Windows 10


Besides Windows 10, users also get a neat antivirus solution. Now, however, a problem has been found with this solution: even malware can be downloaded using Defender.