There will likely be another minor release from the current iPhone family again this year. Some conceptual images on what this model would look like have also been removed.

Apple took a bold step last year when it smuggled a smaller model into the iPhone 12 family: IPhone 12 minutes Dedicated for those who want a premium feature phone but a smaller screen. However, the reception of the device was not clearly positive, and while the rest of the family is considered sugar, the iPhone 12 mini didn’t come out with the numbers. Not much that Apple It also reduced its requests for this model, While ordering multiple Pro models to match production to demand.

Now it looks like Apple is making another try, and this year’s phones will include a smaller version, the iPhone 13 mini. We’ve heard about all of this year’s iPhones before The sensor island will be smallerAnd Slovak SvetApple the side IPhone 13 thumbnails published by Google already used this information. Plus the fact that the rear cameras will be placed diagonally opposite each other. Perhaps Apple will choose this solution because this new type of design could make this year’s iPhone mini significantly different from last year. The images show this year’s “iPhone mini” in a bright red design.

Experts say Apple will be the last to release the 5.4-inch iPhone mini this fall, and only the 6.1 and 6.7-inch models will arrive next year. The iPhone mini could be replaced by another iPhone SE in the spring of 2022.

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