The first continents appeared on Earth from the ocean 700 million years earlier than previously thought, according to an examination of ancient rocks.

Analysis of sedimentary rocks from the East Indies led researchers to believe their discovery explains the rise in atmospheric oxygen levels and the formation of glaciers during this period of Earth’s history. Watchman. Based on rocks from the Singhbhum region near Kolkata, the first stable continents, the Craton, began to rise above sea level 3.3 to 3.2 billion years ago.

Priyadarshi Chaudhary, a researcher at Monash University in Australia, study Its lead author said he and his colleagues noticed that the rock must have formed on Earth because it showed ripples similar to the way winds and waves leave their mark on sandy beaches. “We realized that these were ancient river rocks that formed in rivers and estuaries,” Chaudhry said.

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According to the expert, the first continents may have formed before plate tectonics existed. Tectonic plates are the main force driving the rise of land masses today. “Today, tectonic plates control the height. When two continental plates collide, the Alps and the Himalayas form. This was not the case three billion years ago,” Choudhury said.

According to scientists, the early continents arose from the World Ocean after 300-400 million years of continuous volcanic activity. Singbhum-Kraton may have formed from lava accumulating over time, the crust stretched to a depth of about 50 kilometers, and then began to swim in the water like icebergs.

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