One of the innovations in Windows 11 is that it informs users of how long it takes to install updates. However, this estimate is not available to everyone, Microsoft has removed a group of users, hopefully only temporary.

For now, only Windows Insiders can try Windows 11 previewOf course, they aren’t few either. They can also use one of the innovations in the operating system. An estimate that appears in Windows Update that gives you information about how long it takes to fully install available updates. This is a really useful feature (as we can see how long we can’t use our devices), he says. Softpedia Microsoft must be very precise.

It may be exactly this resolution, or rather how much resolution, that may underlie Microsoft’s decision to disable this estimation for traditional hard disk drive (HDD) computers in the Windows 11 preview. So far, this feature is only available on HDD devices. solid state. According to Microsoft, this is only a temporary step, but they still need to fix some errors related to hard drives.

According to current information, including references from Microsoft, Windows 11 could be launched as early as October, and the free upgrade offer will continue in 2022 for eligible devices. However, you don’t have to wait if you’re wondering what the new OS will look like, because even You can already watch it using your browser.

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