Xiaomi has been unofficially baptized, the technology that allows both sides of a foldable phone to help cool the device.

Introduced in a few weeks We Mix Fold is Xiaomi’s first foldable mobile phone. The device was especially successful in several ways: on the one hand, it became the first device in the world to receive liquid optics, and on the other hand, a new solution for heat dissipation was invented. The company has provided details of the latter on the Chinese Weibo Community website.

According to Xiaomi, there are two main problems to be solved in terms of heat dissipation. One is that the heat dissipation rate depends largely on whether the device can be folded or not, and the second is that half of a mobile phone, equipped with a processor, will always produce more heat than the other.

The Chinese company has developed a heat dissipation mechanism called a butterfly: the system is able to transfer heat from one side of the device to the other through the wrist strap. As a result, the cooling surface is much larger than what is available on conventional smartphones.

Additionally, the company said that the Mi Mix Fold is built with multi-layered heat dissipation technology. It also has liquid cooling, thermal paste, graphene-copper multilayer. This means a total of 22,583 sq mm or 225.83 sq cm of cooling surface, if you prefer.

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However, Barba’s real trick was that the heat dissipation system was connected on both sides of the phone. In Xiaomi’s formulation, this is made possible through a “heat dissipation tunnel”: a material of graphene whose surface contains small air bubbles. These allow heat to flow to the other side of the phone even when the phone is folded.

According to Xiaomi’s own tests, even after 200,000 bends, the solution loses only 3-5 percent of its heat dissipation ability.

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