It is impossible to enlarge small images using conventional software without losing quality. However, Google’s own procedure does not fail here, rather it improves the result.

The big advantage of photo editing apps is that they can do a lot to improve a poor quality photo. However, it is not really suitable for making a small piece of art larger, as the elongated image will be pixelated and blurred in this case. Even if the user just increased the image size a bit.

Google also has this phenomenon dealsAnd they were recently able to find a (more accurate) solution that actually works with amazing results. Behind this process are two technical developments (the research company calls them CDM and SR3) that perform different tasks: one is primarily responsible for creating the data, and the other uses them to remove problematic parts of the sample material.

According to Google, the solution is completely self-propelled, and it works effectively even with a very small image. To do this, they took a 64×64 pixel image, which was converted to 256×256 and then 1024×1024. The end result was not only pixelless, but also looked much sharper, even at the larger size:

The size of the image to be resized is always determined by Google based on the size of the image used as the source. In this case, 64 x 64 pixels still looks quite fixable, but a smaller one, like 32 x 32, isn’t worth trying. Well, not because correction no longer works here, but because the final image size can only be increased to 256 pixels without a (significant) quality loss.

The research company’s experts are of the opinion that the procedure will be suitable mainly for correcting old family photos, but with some careful improvement it can also be used in medical diagnosis. Of course, we still have to wait for that, but the work seems to be going well.

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