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Teens in suits are rioting at New Minion shows

A new trend conquers TikTok, teens following the #gentleminions are heading to the cinema in suits to watch the new animated movie Minions (Minions: The Rise of Gru). More precisely, they were just visiting, because in recent days more and more cinemas began to prevent them from showings, at least in England. There is no noble behavior associated with the suit, according to reports, the teenagers who wear the clothes wear high clothes and throw objects into the audience during the film.

An employee in one of the damaged cinemas He told the BBC, they wanted to make sure by banning Gentlemen’s Minions that it would be a good experience for young children who often come to see new Minions for the first time in their lives. Some cinemas may also have a financial interest in this measure, as many viewers demanded the return of their ticket prices at the box office after scandalous shows.

The trend is based on TikTok videos where teens imitate the film’s main villain, Felonious Gru, and celebrate the “end of the five-year wait.” This indicates that the previous last part of the franchise was released a long time ago. Universal Pictures also took a stride in the fashion frenzy, with the company profile declaring on Twitter: “To everyone who appears in a suit on Minions: we see you and love you.”

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