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Tekashi 6ix9ine claims that he lives in poor financial conditions and struggles to make a living

The rainbow-haired rapper used to just splash about money, but now he’s having a living problem, at least he says.

The rapper, who went to prison, once bought himself millions of dollars in clothes or jewelry, but 6ix9ine still claims that he does not live at all at the moment, and that if he sued recently, he could be bankrupt.

I’m currently struggling to make a living, and may never have the kind of fulfillment I had before I got arrested again, and my career has gotten blindfolded.The rapper writes in court papers that a The complex has been checked.

6ix9ine says his latest record deal with TenThousand Projects expired last month and his merchandise deal expired, feeling that if he lost the lawsuit, he might go bankrupt and not be able to provide for his family.


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