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Telegram chief accuses Apple of getting in the way

Pavel Durov believes that Apple is restricting competition by not allowing web browsers other than WebKit to enter the App Store.

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov hopes regulatory action will “follow up” on the UK government’s decision to look into the impact of Apple not allowing web browsers other than WebKit to be used on iPhones and iPads.

In a post on his Telegram channel, Durov noted that the UK Competition Authority (CMA) is already studying Apple’s requirements for web browsers in the App Store. The CMA said in a press release that it was “concerned” that Apple would not allow browsers other than WebKit into the App Store, which would affect the competitiveness of other browsers.

Apple bans alternatives to its browser engine on its mobile devices, and this restriction is specific to Apple. According to the CMA, this could severely limit competing browsers’ ability to differentiate themselves from Safari (in terms of speed and functionality, for example) and limit Apple’s commitment to investing in its browser engine.

This, according to Dorov, is a significant factor because Telegram itself is aware of the iOS Safari problems, which “Apple has been unwilling to fix or fix for years.”

Apple’s policy remains under pressure from all sides, not least because it prevents users from installing apps by skipping the App Store. Apple could easily allow the use of browsers other than WebKit by changing the rules in the App Store. In the meantime, you can still control which apps are running on users’ devices.

Durov went much further in the same post he sent to Telegram. Apple claimed it was cripple web apps to get developers to submit apps through its own store, all to charge 30 percent of transactions.

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While Safari remains the best iPhone and iPad browser on the platform for many, it is only because Apple prevents others from using their own drive. This argument will certainly be examined by the CMA, iMore Books, and it is clearly also supported by the founding CEO of Telegram.

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