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Telex: Our first Hungarian gold at the World Swimming Championships: Christoph Milak won the world record

On Tuesday, the Budapest Swimming Championships final came with the final we’ve been looking forward to so much. Kristóf Milák started the fight from the fourth cycle to defend his three-year-old world title. Five years ago, he was unable to swim another 200 butterflies in this pond, and won the silver medal in the hundred.

Milac reached the finals on Monday with the best result in the world on Monday, and a time of 1:52.39 means he swam a second and a half better than Japan’s Honda and Switzerland’s Ponte. Tamas Kendrisi has been on the field for a week. The 22-year-old played with American Julian in the playoffs, easily allowing himself to miss the length after the final round. He admitted that he made a strong showing in the semi-finals.

Milák was one of the top candidates for the entire world championship, not only among Hungarian swimmers. His victory in the Olympics last year was not in danger either, he dominated the distance and, as he said in the previous days, his opponent was a world record set only three years ago (1:50.73). Experts often tell him that they expect only a simple galactic peak, and nothing else is needed.

He entered the middle of the applause, in a strange and loose position that no one could enter. He stood by the stepping stone, radiating confidence.

He did not start any extra, but got out of the water first, and after the first fifty, he was already in the forty-seventh place in his world record, giving seven-tenths of the second. At the turn of the hundred, he swam a second better than him, which meant he was constantly accelerating. There was no discount, only the watch. Nobody can go that fast, the Brits were a second and a half slower than they had been in the 100th round. In the 150th round, he kept improving on the split world record, slowing a bit towards the end, but he still won a world record with 1:50.34 for $50,000.

Milac at the finish line – Photo: Attila Kispendek/AFP

It was a great swim, three seconds ahead of France’s third-placed Leon Marchand with a 3.27. Tamas Kendrisi finished sixth. At the 2016 Olympics, the bronze medalist a few months ago thought it didn’t make sense to start, compared to that, he swam a good time even though he couldn’t make it to the finish.

Since US team Caeleb Dressel has pulled out of the 100 fast for health reasons, he can’t easily start at the 100 butterfly, whose final will take place Friday night. This way, it can become your favorite short-term milkshake. At the Tokyo Olympics, the American won ahead of the Honved competitor.

Melak told M4 that this pool was his home.

“The moment I got up on the starting stone, there was no picture looking like I was in a dream. I don’t know how I did it, I’m glad I was able to improve in three years after my best time”

Explain with a big smile.

In the women’s 200 butterfly race, Kapás Boglárka finished third in the semi-finals (2:07.89) and took eighth in the final on Wednesday. Kos Hubert was fifth in the final with a 200-person mix, and could also be supported on Wednesday.

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