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Tennis: Djokovic will continue to compete in the Australian Open

After all, Novak Djokovic did not take part in the press conference held by the family of the world leader in Belgrade, where the family members told him what they had been through in recent days.


Djokovic’s family held a press conference in Belgrade (Photo: AFP)

Djorge Djokovic, the brother of the world leader in the world rankings, thanked at the press conference that the trial was fair as there was a lot of pressure on the judge.

“When it turned out that Novak had a positive judgment, he went to train at Rod Laver Arena, where he traveled to Australia to play tennis.” Happy Djurji Djokovic.

Novak Djokovic’s mother, Danica, has spoken about how Novak learned in his family not to tolerate lies and deceit.

“He rebelled against the system because he thought he had the right to enter Australia on a visa to go to win the championship.” Happy Danica who also spoke about family members who are experiencing different feelings in recent days.

“Sadness, fear, despondency, despair, frustration – inserted by her mother, who said she would never forget when her son didn’t have a phone, and they knew nothing about it. To me, this is the biggest victory of his career and more valuable than his success in Grand Slams.” Until now “. Danica Djokovic said.

Novak Djokovic’s father, Srdjan, thanked everyone who fought for freedom of expression.

“Novak did not let him get on his knees: it was difficult for him and us too, but he is a wonderful man who wanted to help everyone, but the leaders of another country did not seem to like a person from a poor country in their rich sport to be the best. He was deprived of all his rights at the airport, to force him to abdicate. Voluntarily about his visa, i.e. signing a document. He refused to do so because there was no reason to do so. He was alone for hours unable to make phone calls. When he got his cell phone back, he consulted with his team of lawyers, who did a great job, which turned out to be courthouse” . Saeed Sardjan who said that his son fulfilled all the requirements and obeyed all the laws.

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“Novak is a professional tennis player who went there to play. They wanted to stop him, but they failed. The judge did his job fantastically, relying only on facts and deciding that Novak was free. In recent days, aid has been steadily coming in from Africa, India, the Far East, the Middle East, China and Russia.” “. – Serjan Djokovic, who said in his last words, said he was confident that they would meet with journalists again in Belgrade in three weeks, where they could talk about Novak Djokovic winning the Australian Open and, accordingly, winning the 21st Grand Slam Cup.

When the journalist was asked if the Immigration Minister could cancel Djokovic’s visa on Tuesday, Serjan Djokovic could not give a definitive answer, but said that Novak was acquitted of all charges under the court ruling, he fulfilled all the conditions, but of course the minister was waiting for the decision as well.

“If there is another decision, Novak will take note of it, and if it is unfavorable to him, he will fight for its truth.” Said Srdjan Djokovic.

The press conference was still going on when Novak Djokovic shared a photo taken on Instagram at Rod Laver Arena showing the world captain and his team.

“I am happy and grateful that the judge has rescinded my visa cancellation. No matter what happened in the previous days, I want to stay here and start the Australian Open, and I will continue to focus on that. I traveled here to play one of the most important tournaments in front of the wonderful fans. For now, all I can Saying is thank you for your support and encouragement to stay strong.” Djokovic Books.

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