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Tennis: Tímea Babos is already among the eight in Ortisei

Tímea Babos, ranked 161 in the world rankings, beat Diana Marcinkevica, ranked 353, in the second round of the $25,000 ITF Tennis Championships in Ortisei, Italy, in two matches winning 6:4 each, putting her in the lead. Eight in 101 minutes.


Papus defeats another Lithuanian opponent (Photo: Chapa Domotor)

The third event of the tournament, Tímea Babos, started the match well, immediately making his opponent’s first serve, but Marcinkevica broke his well-served opponent in 3:4. However, despite the Latvian girl’s hopes, the three world champion regained Times immediately outsmarted her and immediately closed the first set, which lasted 50 minutes.

The second match turned out to be the same as Papus started breaking again, then came the quick break for the Hungarian Girl 3:2, and after 4:3 the meeting didn’t bring another losing serve, so this time Papus 51 made the match 6:4 in minutes and with it the match.

Thus, the Hungarian tennis player reached the top eight in the tournament, where his opponent will be the fifth-place winner between Swiss Susan Bandicci and Italian Melania Delay.

W25 ITF Championship, Ortisei ($25,000, tough track)
Eighth final

Papus Timia (3.) – Diana Marcinkevica (Latvian) 6:4, 6:4

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