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Tens of thousands pray for the recovery of Janos Kubor, a legend under deep sedation

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The singer is still in the hospital, and her loved ones, friends and fans are pushing as one man to recover as quickly as possible.

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Unprecedented spiritual bond Janus Kubor He started for his recovery. The captain of the Omega team was hospitalized a few days ago, he may not have received the vaccine and he did not contract the coronavirus.

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On Saturday night, fellow musicians asked fans to send positive energy to the hospitalized legend in a joint prayer. People have been worried about Omega ever since Facebook page Countless wishes and comments are constantly coming in.

Everyone is worried about Janus Kubor

“I am praying and wholeheartedly wishing for a full recovery!” Written by a woman.

“He will heal!” other hopes.

“Recover, Mickey!”

“For me, they are not just a band. Much more, favorite childhood memories, a kind of connection to the past, feelings. I hope this isn’t the end of Omega, we squeeze her a lot and wish her a cure.” man said.

“Mickey, we’re with you!”

“Millions of people will send their love to you, come on, Mickey, let’s be strong….” Another fan asked.

“The power is with you, Mickey! Lina loves it! Me too. Get better.” A lady pointed to the singer’s fourteen-year-old daughter.

“At 92, the grandmother came home from a hospital with an intestinal obstruction, and she’s been fine ever since. They practically abandoned it. The creative power of specific positive thoughts is indisputable….! “ One fan reported his positive experience.

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