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Terence Hill in recent photos: The 82-year-old legend looks amazing – World Star

Mario Girotti, better known as Terence Hill He was one of the most famous spaghetti western stars of the 20th century, thanks to their co-movies with Bud Spencer, he became a bigger star, making creations together like The Devil’s Right and Left Hands, Otherwise We’re Angry or Treasure That isn’t. The Italian actor, of course, was fine without Spencer, just think of My Name: Nobody, Lucky Luke, or Super Cup. He has been a star on the Don Matteo series since 2000. In addition to acting, he also got a taste for directing, and in 2018 released his last film, My Name: Thomas.

Terence Hill in new photos

The 82-year-old actor became a true legend during his beautiful career, and he is still active today. 1952 Vacation with the Gangster was his first movie to feature, and he was still very young at the time, only 13 years old. The actor said that the turning point in his career came after they began producing their co-productions with Bud Spencer, he told Italian magazine Millennium in 2020. The fight scenes were not that simple, as Spencer was short-sighted, so he saw almost nothing. Although he tried to make sure he didn’t hurt the acrobatic businessmen, sometimes he accidentally slapped him.

“Did you know Bud hasn’t got up to two and can’t wear glasses while filming?” (…) Poor businessmen were scared of him too, and sometimes I teased him by not hitting everyone well enough, so I encouraged him to record the wrestling scene again, Hill recalls.

The 82-year-old actor has been rumored to have passed away multiple times in recent years, but fortunately this wasn’t true, in fact, in explosive form. We hope it will stay that way for a long time to come.

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In our group you can see how Terence Hill paints these days.